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What do your aerial reports contain?

Roof Area In Squares
Ridge Cap LF
Hip Cap LF
Valley LF
Starter Edge LF
Main Pitch
Eaves LF
Rake Edge LF
Flashing LF
Waste Factor Chart
Roof Area Diagram
Roof Pitch Diagram

Can you upgrade your precision squares report to a full report?

Yes, a link is provided in your precision squares report email upon ordering. All you will need is the precision squares report number that is provided in the email.

How quickly can I get an aerial report?

During business days, reports are guaranteed within 24hrs.

How accurate are your measurements?

After extensive roof aerial tests, we have concluded we have a +3% / -3% Margin of error.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Please contact us at and ask about our bulk pricing plans.

What is your pricing structure?

Pricing is as follows, and is priced per building
Precision Squares Report: $15.99
1 to 100 Square Report $34.99
101 to 200 Square Report: $54.99

Can you measure gutters?

Yes. Please email us at to request a gutter report.

Can you measure all roofs?

Yes and no. Unfortunately, some roofs have to many obstructions blocking it such as trees and very dark shadows. This is typically not an issue, however, in the event this happens to a property you request, you will receive a full refund.

Do Precision Squares Reports include waste?

No. Precision Squares Reports only provide the total squares of the roof and the main pitch.